Our sustainability policy is divided into 6 sections of commitment:

1. Sustainable Management and Legal Compliance.

At Stingray Beach Cozumel it is essential that sustainability be included and promoted in all the basic operations of the company, which is why the participation of all levels of management is required, from the company’s directors, management, and all staff.

  • Appoint a sustainability coordinator.
  • Carry out a baseline evaluation in accordance with the standards of good sustainability practices provided by the Travelife system.
  • Establish a mission oriented towards the sustainability of the company and a sustainability policy and make it public.
  • Formulate an action plan that includes objectives, actions, measurements, responsibilities and temporal planning.
  • Form a “Green Team” sustainability team in the company, which will have access to take online training offered by Travelife.
  • Formulate monitoring, measurement and evaluation procedures for the sustainability action plan.
  • Create a public, annual sustainability progress report to Travelife with our achievements.

2. Labor relations.

At Stingray Beach Cozumel we are committed to following legal regulations to ensure the rights of workers. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset in providing meaningful travel experiences to our customers.

  • Freedom of free association.
  • Help ensure that everyone has health insurance.
  • Pay decent wages equal to or greater than the legal minimum wage.
  • Pay overtime worked or compensated with free time.
  • Respect the right to vacation.
  • Safety in your workplace.
  • Work under a formal contract that describes your job and your salary.
  • No to the contract of boys or girls under 14 years of age. Be informed on issues related to the prevention of sexual exploitation and harassment, particularly of children and adolescents.
  • No to discrimination based on gender, color, age, disability, religion or beliefs and sexual orientation.

3. Environment.

At Stingray Beach Cozumel we are committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations, continually seeking opportunities to improve our environmental performance and establish objectives and goals, measure our progress and report our results. We are committed to promoting engagement among our employees and customers.

  • Implement energy saving measures applied in work areas.
  • Implement water saving measures in the facilities.
  • Implement paper saving measures.
  • Carry out a correct separation of waste to facilitate selective collection by the competent local authority.
  • Have a purchasing policy oriented toward sustainability.
  • Water treatment in compliance with the competent legislation.
  • Use biodegradable materials in cleaning supplies.
  • Comply with legislation on land use, planning, design, construction, and renovation of the company’s infrastructure. The company is complying with the relevant urban planning and heritage legislation.

4. Activities and Excursions.

In order to define and agree on appropriate behavior during the tours we carry out, it is important to develop codes of conduct for both guests and guides, to raise awareness of our sustainability agendas and have appropriate behavior in our activities with animals, as well as on our excursions on reefs.

  • Guests are informed of the code of conduct related to the activity in which they are going to participate.
  • Guests will be given a presentation about species and the importance of conservation.
  • Sanitary measures before and after carrying out activities with animals will be implemented to protect animals and visitors.
  • Animal welfare guidelines for optimal health, feeding and hygienic conditions will be followed.
  • Guest volume, times and tours per day will be limited for the benefit of our animals.

5. Environmental Management in the Destination

At Stingray Beach Cozumel we know that we can exert influence on the local governments to improve the positive effect of tourism on our environmental, economic and social development, cooperating with sustainability initiatives, for the benefit of the population and the environment.

  • Actively educate employees and visitors about the importance of responsible behavior with resources and the environment.
  • Alert visitors about prohibited souvenirs containing threatened flora and fauna.
  • Support biodiversity conservation initiatives.
  • Proactively participate in projects and activities related to the environment.

6. Communication with the client.

At Stingray Beach Cozumel we know that good communication with our guests is essential, before, during and after their visit, which is why it is important to take into account comments, suggestions and complaints to improve our service.

  • Maintain a customer privacy policy.
  • Advertising materials are faithful to the product offered by the company, do not promise more than what is communicated and will be produced with recycled materials where possible.
  • Promote the purchase of local crafts and products.
  • Have an emergency protocol established, which is part of the training of both the guides and the operational and office staff. This protocol is reviewed periodically and each time an emergency situation arises.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and take their comments into account to improve the service of the excursions offered.
  • Have a clear procedure in the case of customer complaints.