At Stingray Beach Cozumel we have 15 years of experience in cruise tourism, and know we must take measures to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our daily operations while still meeting the needs of our guests.

We are committed to serving tourism in a responsible manner to minimize the negative impacts that our activities may have on the environment and society, and thereby contribute to sustainable tourism starting with our destination on this planet.

We will promote sustainability by encouraging our employees to take actions within each of their workplaces and to participate in activities that contribute to conservation and resource management, as well as communicating to our visitors our efforts to contribute to sustainable tourism.

To achieve our objectives and goals, monitoring and evaluation are very important and to apply our sustainability policies successfully, we will use the Travelife platform to guide us in the process.

“Our mission is to contribute to the construction of sustainable tourism on the island of Cozumel, taking actions to minimize the negative ecological and social impacts of our operations. Our objective is to offer tourist experiences promoting codes of conduct that are responsible for the environment and society.”

Sustainability Policy