Is there anything else you want to know?

What are the protocols for the COVID-19 virus?

-We have signs throughout the park to remind people to constantly wash their hands and / or apply antibacterial gel

-We encourage employees to communicate promptly if they have any symptoms of COVID -19

-We verify that you always have water, soap, paper towels, and 70% alcohol-based antibacterial gel.

-We encourage the practice of not spitting, the etiquette sneeze and the correct use of face masks.

-All employees have taken a course in relation to the care of COVID -19.

-We work with an occupancy of 30% to be able to maintain a healthy distance at all times.

General recommendations of the Park?

-Tours are for people who know how to swim.
-Pregnant women and people with back problems and visitors with some respiratory condition will not be able to go to the tour.
-Do not use sunscreen, it is very harmful to the reef.
-Bring your own towel and bathing suit.
-We sincerely request to arrive 15 minutes before the time of your tour.